Experience of use Micinorm



Price, action, good absorption.


Probably not the strongest one. It's a pity that there aren't any more significant episodes. In my case I had to buy more and more.

Release form

Micinorm anti-fungal cream comes in tubes of 30 ml.


Convenience as standard. Naturally, at work, you can't take off your socks, put them on the table, etc. v. So in the morning or evening at home.


Have. It's not always clear when to stop completely. I made this mistake.


I don't know anyone who pays so much attention to design when it comes to mushrooms on their feet. The design is quite ordinary.

Moved on

Micinorm ordered on website. Delivered, but then had to order more.

Score on a 5 . scale

- 4, 5

User experience

I will share the experience of using the new antifungal cream Micinorm. My name is Vlad. I live in Ukraine, in Kiev.

Since I rarely go to some swimming pools, public baths, for me, sometimes toenail fungus appearing is just a shock. And it's okay if I don't follow basic hygiene standards, but I've used personal shoes, washed my feet thoroughly, etc. v. And such a surprise was introduced to me by the pool.

user experience

And so the long and even tedious process of treating fungus begins. I was advised this cream, because it is quite affordable, in addition it helps to treat foot fungus, softens the skin and promotes tissue regeneration at the site of injury.

In general, I began to be treated with them. How to use the cream, I think you will figure it out. Furthermore, instructions are attached.

With onychomycosis, it is important to lubricate the affected area very carefully and daily, not to ignore and cut off the old wound as the healthy nail will grow back.

Meaning, the cream doesn't just cure an existing fungus, it simply doesn't allow the fungus to "capture" the healthy part of the nail. And even if the nail looks healthy, you shouldn't get excited and stop the treatment. Fungi are not easily "pushed" from the nails.

And so every day in the morning and in the evening, after the hydration procedure, I apply to the acne-prone skin, applying a special paste on it so that the cream does not get dirty on my pants. In general, it is recommended to even apply the cream 3 times a day, but I do not have a lot of time to do these manipulations according to all the rules.

It seems to me that I have been cured of the fungus for several months. Nails look healthy. And that's exactly what led me to the error. I decided that it would be fine and stopped using Micinorm.

experience using 5, 2 months

According to the law of normality, after a while my problem returned. Therefore, you need to apply this cream, even when going outside, as for you, everything is fine. Mushrooms will not surrender their territory so easily.

In general, the smell of the cream is at an acceptable level, it also has a deodorizing effect for the feet, although the smell is not floral but quite pleasant. Plus it affects the skin and makes it smoother and heals.

Also, I was later told to use this cream even if you don't have any fungal infections, but you'll be visiting a place where you can "find" it. Water park or swimming pool.

I treated with cream Micinorm, maybe 1 year ago I walked and took pictures, I am attaching. If I bought it as a precaution (and my kid started swimming) I would buy it and add a review.

experience using 8, 1 month

I took pictures at the start, after 5 months of applying Micinorm cream (when the fungus recurred), and when I was completely healed, ie. after 8 (!!! ) months.