Instructions for use Micinorm


How to use cream

To get the most out of the mushroom cream, you should strictly follow the recommendations in the manufacturer's instructions for use. All in all, the application process is very simple.

Ice cream appDrugs with biological activity are quite easy to use. It doesn't leave a greasy residue, so the cream can be used all day long. The new anti-fungal cream Micinorm is applied to the affected area in a circular motion, evenly applying the cream to the nail or affected skin, using an applicator or fingertips.

The cream should be used twice a day, a small amount of ointment is applied to the affected areas morning and evening. In more severe forms of mycosis, it is recommended to increase the procedure up to 3 times a day.

The severity of the skin disease determines how often and when to apply Micinorm cream. As a rule, on average, 2-3 packs of cream are needed for complete cure.

On average, the duration of the course is 7 days. To consolidate the achieved effect - repeat the course after 5 days. Before wearing socks or tights, you should wait until the ingredients are completely absorbed.

You can familiarize yourself with more detailed instructions on how to use the cream by purchasing it (instructions are attached).

Release form

Micinorm anti-fungal cream comes in tubes of 30 ml.

User manual

Most people in Switzerland often ignore the manifestations of a fungal infection, claiming that the appearance of discomfort is due to uncomfortable shoes, poor-quality knitwear and fatigue. Dermatologists recommend using Micinorm when the first signs of tinea capitis appear.

Symptoms of a fungal infection are:

  • severe redness, swelling of the skin;
  • peeling skin, cracked heels;
  • itching and skin rash;
  • increased sweating, unpleasant foot odor;
  • change in color, shape, thickness of the nail plate.

The use of Micinorm cream is not limited to skin types of varying severity. It also promotes tissue regeneration, prevents the appearance of ulcers and erythema, and eliminates allergic reactions.

Contraindications to use

There are practically no contraindications to the use of the new cream against the fungus Micinorm: the exception is the very rare case where a person has an individual intolerance to the components of the product.